Welcome to Casa Don JuanEasy AccessibiltyLuxurious

Welcome to Casa Don Juan

Casa Don Juan is a private villa 2 km from the town centre of Calpe, Costa Blanca in Spain. The villa contains three apartments. It is possible to rent the whole villa or one of the apartments.

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Easy Accessibilty

Beaches and restaurants are within easy walking distance. Calpe is easily accessible from both Alicante and Valencia, and located approximately 20 minutes from Benidorm and the new theme park "Terra Mitica".

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The construction covers 250 square meters on a south-facing flat plot of 500 square meters. The house and the garden are in immaculate condition. The garden contains a kidney shaped pool, a poolside shower, flowering plants and palm trees. Another terrace includes a covered bar and barbeque area with pretty lighting for evening entertaining.

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Casa Don Juan consists of three apartments:

– East poolside apartment
– West poolside apartment
– 1st floor apartment


Each apartment has a TV, central heating, terraces, sun chairs and private parking. All bed linen and towels are provided.

Exceptional Service

Our caretakers, Les and Rose Wilkinson live right across the street and are ready to serve you 24/7.

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'Why People Travel

When it comes to traveling, most people get excited probably because of the fact that they will be in a place different from where they usually don’t wake up to. Finally, they would be able to get a chance to experience a whole new world. But aside from traveling as leisure and pure fun, there are other deeper reasons why people travel.

For Business
This reason is most applicable for big businesses that are already worldwide or are still starting to expand outside the boundaries of their local place or country. Because of certain business issues that are difficult to talk over the phone or a video call, business people tend to go to places every now and then to personally address a problem.

medicalFor Medical Purposes
Some developing countries that are still new to serious and even fatal health problems may have inadequate equipment and knowledge to help a patient suffering such problem. Because of this, patients are often referred to far-off places where more advanced equipment and more expert medical practitioners are ready to help them cure the illness. This is when they need to travel to the countries they are advised to go to be able to get the professional intervention that they need.

For Family or Friend Visitation
When family and friends are too far away from you, and once-in-a-lifetime occasions are about to be held, such as wedding of a best friend, 100th birthday of a very close grandmother, or the diamond wedding anniversary of your parents. Because of these special occasions, you would want to travel to where they are just to be able to witness and just be there.

Leisure is the most common reason why people go to different places. They want to relax and keep stress off their shoulders before getting back to work. But for some, traveling is also work and business. For some people, traveling also means getting cured. While for others, it is to attend to special events with special people. But whatever the reason is, traveling is a necessity.


Most Common Places People Wish to Travel

Speaking of traveling, you may have a particular place or perhaps a long list of places that would come up in your mind. Perhaps you would want to visit that place because you’ve seen many professionally-captured pictures uploaded over the internet. Or you probably heard a friend talk about it with such spirit. Or you probably heard of a cheap promo flight to that place and think to yourself about giving it a try. But no matter what your reasons are, most people have those common names of places in mind that they dreamed of going to someday.

Where There Are Popular Landmarks
Popular landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower of France, the Taj Mahal of India, or the Stonehenge of England could be the reasons why people would want to go to the countries where they are located. Because of popularity, they may want to get a personal photo of the place or an addition to life accounts that they have been into the place.

waterfallWhere There Are Natural Hot Spots
From waterfalls to beaches, from forests to mountains, most people want to be in beautiful places where nature is present. This is because of the feel of nature which is different when living in the city of smoke from cars and trash on the streets. Some of these places are the Sun Island Beach in Maldives, Niagara Falls and Great Smoky Mountains both in USA.

Where There Are Exotically Delicious Foods
Most people just simply love to eat. But because typical bread and eggs are served every day while you wish to eat a different kind of food, this could drive you to wish to go to a place where exotic, yet delicious food is available. An example of a famous exotic food is roasted whole pig which is very popular in Ecuador, which they call Hornado, and in the Philippines, which they call, Lechon baboy. Another is sheep oysters, or more commonly referred to as sheep balls which are popular in New Zealand.

Places where there are popular landmarks, natural hot spots and exotic food are the most common places people would want to step foot onto. But more than that is the experience that will never be forgotten all their lives.


Benefits of Traveling on Your Own

Traveling is one of the things people have on their bucket lists; some even wanting to do it alone. While traveling alone might seem boring for some, what’s fulfilling is to finally go to places that you only see in the pictures or have heard of from a friend who has been there. But what is really with traveling on your own that there is fulfillment?

Traveling does not only give you a sense of independence, whether from your family, friends or your comfort zone, but it does train you to be on your own (well, when you travel alone). Traveling in foreign, not necessarily out of the country, places would require you to make decisions from where to stay, what to eat and which specific places to go first.

Going to a different place does not necessarily isolate you from people because you will still be meeting people no matter how you restrain yourself from them. Since a foreign place is new to you, there would be a time, even for a while, that you would be asking for directions and other inquiries. At restaurants, you would talk to waiters to order.

socializingYou should know that making friends should be one of the things you should be doing while traveling, or else vacation isn’t worthwhile at all.

Learning is one of the best benefits of traveling solo. While you are making decisions, you learn to think over and weigh things. You learn what to consider and which is more important. While making friends, you learn about their culture. You learn why they do things. You learn how things are going around. And the best of it all, you may learn to speak their language!

Being alone does not necessarily mean that you are lonely. Sometimes, you are just giving the best gift you could ever give yourself, and that’s freedom. More so when you choose to be alone and travel at the same time. Independence, socialization and learning are just a few of the many benefits.